This is a buy, sale, Gifting group created by the 
(10) Nonprofit collaboration The Fresh Start Peace Branch. This group was created for the sponsors of the peace branch. its a way for us to have that hand in hand with our sponsors a way to have a give and receive relationship with you our wonderful community sponsors. 

So here is how it will work. Every peace branch sponsor that follows one of our nonprofit causes and supports with a NO CASH DONATION. Can be a member of this group and post their buy, sale, offers and items, to the peace branch community sponsors. The cool and unique thing about this group over any other is that, first the Peach Branch Organization will be buying some of the offered posted items and will be giving those purchases away to sponsor members in need of the items in the nonprofit sponsor groups and the buy sale gifting groups. 

We will come pic up the item and give it away to a sponsor in need.
Plus if you have items that you want to giveaway to the Peace Branch you can drop it off at our storage facility, or we will come get it and get it to a sponsor in need. Plus the Peace Branch is supported by local and global companies, what we call C.C.C's or community conscious companies. So there will be other cash and gifts given away inside of this group and the sponsor groups. So join one of the nonprofits sponsor member groups Give a NO CASH DONATION and support spreading peace in our community.


We will come together here as brothers and sisters, friends, family and partners we will lean on each other giving support on dealing with the stresses of pursuing success and happiness giving advise sharing experiences to help one another in that pursuit and of course lets make some money.. 

This group is supported and developed by The marketing company State Branch & Associates and its program Nonprofit Fresh Start Entrepreneurship. Fresh Start Entrepreneurship is a program that supports and helps develop the dreams of young and older entrepreneurs alike around the country. In this group State Branch will continue that support with giving away cash prizes and offering training in marketing and business development within the group. In conjunction this member collaborative support group will be dealing with the ups and downs of pursuing success. This support group will be headed up by State Branch & Associates Programs director Shaun Davis who is accomplished with Degrees in the human service field, Marketing and business also the author of the Stress of Success group study guide book. 

But the true power, beauty and the success of the group and each other will come from how we treat each other, lets all give more then we take. PEACE


In this group we will crack open the code of the CPA (cost per action) world. You can trade CPA’s with other members you can post business offers or sale items and talents you may have. We will also share information on CPA companies that work or that are full of shit.. We will not live under a net of competition in here but we will come together and create a stronger us we need to stop acting as the less we are the 99% and together we can control and not be controlled. Admin of the group will help with monitoring the CPA trades if there are any disputes but for the most part everyone in here is held self accountable for their truth and honesty and you will be exposed to the group with the other scam companies if you keep getting negative trade marks from other members and you only hurt yourself and your bottom line. So please you be the best offer, you have to offer. Be creative be honest be innovative, don't be a crook or fake. Let us together change our world.


Anybody Can post and Advertise Their Products. We also have cash gifting programs for you and when you join we have a ready made 80 billion a year industry franchise opp to plug you into free with three ready made websites ready for you to profit, join us. Please keep the post and ads directed toward Business Owners. We will make money over here together Sharing business to business info and Backing each others Power Moves. First Power Move....Get Paid For Being On Facebook.

Fresh Start Work Trade Group

Hello and welcome to the Fresh Start Work Trade Project. 
As you may or may not know we operate in a strong environment of CPA marketing or "Cost Per Action" Or direct pay sales items... Because with those aspect of marketing we can all make some money online and in this group with our actions... You can be broke come in this group do a few actions and leave the group with cash, people owing you and some new software or something like that... We do have free gifts to give you and some money making ideas to get you started and a site page with CPA on them for more money potential... 

You can also recruit members of course and be paid a percentage of the work trade everybody has to do to gain full asses in the group and be involved with the groups work trades and those of the members within which is what we encourage here.

Fresh World Marketing

Fresh World Marketing, was created to bring the business worlds together. Constructed by the Fresh Start Entrepreneurship.. We will be exploring new & innovative ways to build bridges of wealth with individuals and companies in different states and countries all around the world... Fresh Start Entrepreneurship, wants to embrace the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit from all walks of life... People should not be excluded from commerce because the countries they happen to live in have a low economic value... 

And as fresh start being a wealth generating nonprofit, that is one of the Fresh World Marketing's project goals to help individuals and companies create and establish economic growth and independence...

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Now Hiring For our Virtual Call Center.. all you need is a phone.. And if can get internet assess on it you will be able to make more money faster..  

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