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For every free 3min 

online Survey you  complete,You will be 

placed in cash/prize  sweepstakes sponsored  by our client fortune 500 companies plus 50ȼ  will be paid to the Fresh  start participant for their work efforts. 


 Thank You for helping 

to overcome poverty and 





State Branch & Associates,

ask you the people to join us with the Fresh Start Program to combat poverty and homlessness with giving people of our community thats in need, the  oppertunity to work and play a positive role in our communities.  


 Together we are the change.





With the market surveying  budgets of the fortune 500  companies, and our buying  power and compassion as a  community, propelled by 

hard work of individuals that 

want better for themselves, 

brought together by 

State Branch & Associates,  


 We can bring a fresh start to all involved.


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