Thank you for joining Click Share Riches!!!

This page is a quick over view of how it works & how you can register to become a Click Share Member & start making money…


As a Click Share Member you can win cash & other prizes from sharing posted ads in the Click Share group.. These ads are set with a "jackpot number share", meaning if you share the ad on its number share, it could be the 50th share or the 20th…  Whatever Jackpot share number it may be on you win the prize set for that jackpot share… All jackpots are at-least a dollar (1.00+++) USD … There are other ways you will also be able to make money as a member.. For-one you can bring in new members to the group and be paid  ($1.00) dollar for each registrant.. If they become a Fresh Start Member you get paid $25.00 dollarsIf you are a Fresh Start Member.. If you are not you will make $20.00 dollars per New Fresh Start members you bring in..


The cool thing is you will be getting these new leads for members off the post you share from the Click Share group participating in the Jackpot shares.. Because even though you might not hit the jackpot share that post you shared will have people wanting to join our group and you will receive those notifications too…  


If you would like to post an ad that is okay all post must have a jackpot share…

Leave a Contact Message on page above.. Or Message Recruiters Facebook Post Below -SHARE- 



Community Investment Program

Also built into the Click Share Riches group we have a community investment program… One where you invest $4 dollars and watch it mature through 5 levels paying out $300 dollars to you on the fifth level… Ask the recruit that sent you here how you can join Fresh Start Entrepreneurship, & get your first investment for free..


There are (3) Three ways to join The Click Share Riches group.

  1. Submit name and email at two of our email submit sponsor sites .. Below on footer of page… Register with an email you can get into because you will be sent a welcome email after your submits.. & you have to screen shot two photos of you submitting your emails and send them to who recruited you to show proof of completion...     VIDEO EXAMPLES BELOW

  2. Post a Click Share jackpot post to your wall and share it fifty times..

  3. If you don’t want to use the FREE options above you can pay $3.00 dollars to become a member..  

  4. Join The Click Share Group Here below at the banner After you complete your email submits or to get started Because some will not be able to email submit as Its U.S residence only..  



Contact the recruiter of this page if you need help, the video below will also walk you through your email submit registration..


Also if you would like to become a sponsor of the program Please join one of our sponsor date sites Below… We Can not make any promises to you for sponsoring, But trust we appreciate and look out for our sponsors… Contact recruiter if you have questions about Sponsoring..

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