Fresh Start Entrepreneurship Program


If you want the Telemarketing JOB Working for  

State Branch & Associates, only complete Step 1 training the  starter site registration. LINK BELOW

                             CLICK HERE


Then call your sponsor for your work recruiter training  


That includes your $10.00 training pay a pdf  Telephone script  a video  audio of a call for you to hear and your first list of  (40) names and numbers leads, also you can call and  talk 

with a live associate and practice a mock call so you can be comfortable with a live caller before you work your  list.


(Workers get a New List after every (2) Worker they get  Registered  on training site #1)



It is up to you as you want to call your list, But every list has a TWO MONTH shelf life, we will recall your list after that time, If you have not been 

reporting in calling your list.


You will always have a contact with the Company as you 

need it , they are called Lead Workers (LW) and they are 

there to help  you through any work related problem you  may have.


If you shine on your cold calling and really start to  learn the (System) You will be placed on the incoming  call dialer.  That will ring your phone when you want to  take incoming calls, Just call your Lead Worker and let  them know you are on ready to take calls, and you will  be able to clock in and out when you are ready.


You will Be Paid $10 Dollars For Every person that you  help Register Starter site Step 1 training and so will they be paid $10 for completion of training  so they to can begin working. And you will be paid another $5.00 if  they go on to complete training site #2 becoming an  Associate of State Branch & Associates.


Remember you will be sent $10 dollars for completing your work recruiter training.   


After you complete Associate training offer sites you  will be paid $30 more  dollars via paypal for 

completing your  Associates training. 

                                a total of

              $40 dollars for your training.


The icing on the cake to this job is that as a work recruiter, you will also get paid a residual of 1% of  every dollar that the worker you recruited brings into the company, not their pay - No, what they bring into the company and that is a big difference. Workers average $50-$100 dollars a day (pay), So that means they bring into the company around $150-$450 dollars a day  as a worker you will receive 1% of that $150-$450 dollars. 


If you become an associate you will be paid 2% of every dollar the worker you recruited as an associate brings into the company.                                     

                        Call (702) 825-0477 

       for more info or for help with training.


We at State Branch & Associates  encourage everyone 


to become an associate if you want to make the big 


Bucks.  You can make $20 dollars even $40 dollars 


per lead plus residuals that is how you get rich, 


make money off other  peoples efforts.  Live wealthy! 





         State Branch & Associates, LLC

It only cost you $1.00 Dollar out of pocket to complete your work recruiter training,  and after your completion you are paid   $10.00 dollars for completing training.

But if that one dollar is still a little steep

for you. You can take part in our,


Fresh Start Entrepreneurship Program

and complete 10 (TEN) free surveys on 

the start survey page

and you will be sent a $10.00 dollar

PayPal gift card  credit to complete 

your work recruiter training.

And yes, you still get paid $10.00 dollars 

after completing your work recruiter 


Want to be apart of the rise?
Want to work with the best?
We can't wait to help 
you get started.
To be apart of the
Fresh Start Entrepreneurship
call (702) 825-0477 To speak with a live Associate to monitor and help you through your survey training.

Call (702) 825-0477 before you

Just complete steps 1 and you will be paid $10.00 Dollars to your paypal account and be registered as a work recruiter.


And then you will be sent via e-mail your work recruiter starter package.  Including your first list of (40) names and numbers a pdf telephone script and a audio video of a call in progress. 

So you can hear the call you will be making plus you can call and set up a mock call with your lead worker so you can practice your script with a real person before you work your list.  


Live wealthy!

Text or Call (702) 825 - 0477 for more info

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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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